Portrait of Professor Kenji Tomiki

Membership and Drop-in Options

We offer 4 membership options; the longer terms offer a reduced rate.  2 drop-in options also available.  Zelle is our preferred method (see below).


$42 per month, which
includes a $2/month
credit card processing fee.


$40 per month, billed
quarterly at $120.
Save the credit card processing fee.


$36.67 per month,
a savings of $20.


$35.42 per month,
a savings of $55.

To avoid credit card fees, our preferred method is Zelle.  Most banks that have integrated Zelle into their website allow you to schedule recurring payments.  Scan the below QR code or set Zelle to send to the email address below.

Zelle QR code

Punch cards allow the less-frequent visitor to visit at their convenience.  Punch cards never expire.  They also make a great gift for someone who wants to try Aikido.