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Westminster, Colorado

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Sensei Seiji Tanaka, 8th Dan



Just 10 minutes North of Denver in Westminster, Colorado, our Tomiki Aikido Dojo
provides Martial Arts training for children and adults.



Aikido has a rich heritage as one of the most important and dynamic expressions of Japan's long martial arts tradition. Aikido is a graceful and sophisticated Japanese martial art founded by Morihei Ueshiba around the turn of the century. Aikido is almost purely defensive; it teaches no kicks or punches and has relatively few aggressive moves.

The central themes of Aikido are to learn to defend without vengeance, to forgive your enemies and to harmonize with any attack. By using the attacker's momentum, the Aikidoist takes the attacker's balance, controls his force, and ultimately neutralizes the attack. Aikido's lessons of physical and mental self-discipline can be applied throughout one's lifetime. The unique blending of form, utility, and ethics is responsible for Aikido's popularity today.


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Did you ever want to try a Martial Art? Come visit us during a class!

Drop in on Wednesdays & Fridays at 7:00 PM to watch our class.

Hyland Hills Aikido is a club and Sensei volunteers his time, so the very low dues just go toward rent & utilities.

And since Tanaka Sensei is an 8th Dan (8th degree black-belt), the instruction is among the best anywhere.

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Senior Member of Tomiki Sport Aikido Association USA

Is Aikido For You?

Aikido is an Excellent Form of Both Physical and Mental Exercise.

It is considered a "soft" art because of the lack of kicks and punches. Aikido is ideal for just about everyone, from teens to grandparents; it is especially attractive to women because it does not require the tremendous amount of strength required by other martial arts.

Competition is not required to advance in Tomiki Aikido, but it does help sharpen your skills and a chance to practice what you have learned with other Aikidoka.


All Classes Are As Scheduled.

One exception: Closed on 10/5/18 for a special event.

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